Sherry Anshara Pilots Her First Flight In Filmmaking

Most people begin in the past, but I am beginning in the moment. Completely.

I recognize and acknowledge that I absolutely create all the experiences in my life. Although in the past times, I only had an inkling that it was me. I was not fully conscious—or fully responsible—that this journey on which I was traveling had a scriptwriter. Without doubt it is me!

“In this moment I acknowledge how incredibly talented I am!” I say amazingly, without bragging, from my Childish Adult Ego’s opinion.

Today I speak from my Self, through my Self and about my Self from the inside out, consciously. I see clearly the purposes of my “script,” the people who came into my “play” along the way, and how I interacted with every one. Some came in, some stayed, some left, some came back, and some, I never saw again. Yet I recognize their purposes—as well as my own—as we evolved or didn’t through our experiences together.

I recognize the perfect interactions between us without any judgment. The most profound is recognition of the set-ups that brought us together, individually and collectively.

One of my major set ups is my “showing up” at the Javitz Center for a trade show in May of 1991. There I ran into a never friend from high school, who invited me to Old Lyme, CT for a momentus Memorial Weekend. How clever… a memorial to me.

Without all of the details, I ended up in the Connecticut River, 15 feet under water in a drunk stranger’s car. I had been attempting to assist her with moving her car. In a split second I was catapulted 40 feet into the air over a harbor filled with yachts in Old Saybrook, CT.

My flight out of this world was from the parking lot of the Dock & Dine restaurant (I call it the Dock & Die). Though it appeared as an ending for me, it became the beginning of my beginning from which I share this.

With assistance from the Multi-verse I rose from the idea of death to an exceptional life with amazing challenges, from loss of everything to the gain of everything. With my neck broken in two places, my brain out of place in my cranium, and what appeared to be the beginning of a screwed up life, I began a progressive process of extraordinary experiences for me, from the inside out!

Of course my brain slid out of place! So I could be the proof as I created and developed the QuantumPathic® Energy Method from my heart and heartness! QPEM guides you to the origination core of trauma, drama, illness, depression or whatever is the label assigned to that something wrong with us.

Arriving in Arizona in 1997 with my last $50.00 turned out to be the best investment of my life. All the experiences that occurred from that fabulous moment of death in 1991 to all my new beginnings showed me all the intelligent and wondrous cellular memories my body has held. There they were, waiting for me to access my inner guidance, my truth, and my incredible fortitude to beat the “odds” of death.

So every day is a new moment, a new beginning and an experience of newness. Through my experiences of sharing the QuantumPathic® Energy Method, thousands of my clients, and friends, too, have become “well” although it is a continuing continuous continuum of progressive processes for all of us—including me—every day.

So grateful am I for each individual who showed up in my script at the QuantumPathic® Center of Consciousness. As we “remember” our contracts together—to be a significant player with their expertise, their essence, and their commitment from heartness—we share with the world our co-projects.

Through our journey of new beginnings each and every day, the making of this documentary and the trilogy of films is intended to free people who are willing to free themselves from Duality in order to have the quality of life they are meant to have, to love themselves unconditionally, and to participate in relationships that are deep and connected without the trauma/dramas and turmoil of duality.

With heartness, I welcome you to experience this journey with me.

Sherry Anshara

The setup stories commemorate year one of developing the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!” to educate about QPEM and the film “Not Just Another Bleeped Up Love Story” that entertains and enlightens with a story based on the truth.

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