Set-up Stories: Finding QPEM — Traci Bogan Part I

Two years ago I was sitting in my office in Wisconsin. It was a chilly October morning. I had my feet on my desk and was looking at my Dream Can. It’s a product I created and sell at my motivational speaking events, workshops, and seminars. Inside of this Dream Can I have about 700 cards on which I hand-wrote everything I desire to be, do, share, and experience in my lifetime. Every couple of months when I feel so inclined, I reach in my hand and randomly draw out a card.

That day I pulled the card that said, “Go winter somewhere warm for 90 days.” On the back were five choices from Arizona to Florida to Costa Rica. I closed my eyes and went, “eeny meeny miny moe.” My finger landed on Arizona. Fourteen days later, I got on an airplane with no business contacts, connections, or resources, hardly knowing anyone. It was a fun, self-imposed challenge to see what I would and could create for my life and for my business.

My dream was to winter someplace warm and run my speaking and coaching business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and a cell phone. This was a sure-fire test to prove that my coaching program worked because I was living the adventure and achieving the results live in front of my social media audience. I traveled to Arizona with that one desire but ended up with a whole new discovery and awareness.

As part of my adventure, I attended an introductory lecture by Sherry Anshara about QuantumPathic® Energy Method (QPEM). After only 11 minutes, I had the single most profound release and breakthrough I’ve ever experienced around the issues of being sexually abused as a child. That 11 minutes was worth more than all the tens of thousands of dollars I’d spent for a decade on therapy and every kind of anti-depressant, A-Z. And this was at a free introductory lecture! I’d heard about it only 24 hours earlier from someone I’d just met at a networking event, and I felt drawn to go.

I walked in and sat in the front row. Without even a hello, Sherry Anshara walked up to me and said, “You have Hashimoto’s disease.” True. I did have the autoimmune disorder. But how did she know at first glance, I wondered? “I can see it in your neck,” she said. “Would you like to know why you created that for yourself?”

Seriously?!? I thought to myself. I was puzzled. She said I was sexually abused as a child and didn’t have a voice to speak my truth, thereby creating Hashimoto’s disease, TMJ, and chronic back pain. She stated, “Every ache and pain is your body attempting to talk to you. Pay attention! Every illness is your body attempting to communicate with you. Most of the time we just don’t listen. We cover up with bandaids and medicate ourselves to death. Now, are you ready to release this Traci?”

Yes, I was ready! She was right. I was sexually abused as a child from 5 until 14. I had what seemed like a lifetime of keeping that silence inside me. It was my dirty little secret. I always felt inadequate and I used to pray at bedtime every night for God to make me “normal.”

I now feel that my energy drew me to Arizona just to experience QPEM. In such a short time, I released something I didn’t consciously know was still frustrating me and holding me back from playing bigger. After all, another decade had passed, and by all accounts, I was living my dream life. I had backpacked around the world, written a few books, had a winter and a summer condo, vacationed 100 days a year, and was running a successful speaking and coaching business for entrepreneurs. I had come a long way from the factory job I started with during my turmoil; and I was proud of all my achievements. The only thing missing was a loving and committed relationship, the lack of which I blamed on my busy life-on-the-move lifestyle. I was “good” and things were “good.”

And then I found QPEM—or it found me! I discovered a whole new set of tools, a whole new practical application for connecting with my body, and a whole new method of releasing and cleansing that I didn’t even know I required, and I got clear on why my relationships weren’t working and what was holding me back from really achieving my own boldest goals and most daring dreams. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And then I did.

I’ve had such incredible transformation and expansion in my life since implementing the tools and applications I learned through QPEM that I have referred more than 100 family, friends, and clients to the workshops and one on one sessions with Sherry Anshara. Several of my friends have gotten on airplanes from all corners of the country to experience the workshop, site unseen, with few questions asked, based only on my ‘word’ that this was genuine, real, and worth it.

My results are so significant, I also have incorporated some of the QPEM tools and applications inside of my coaching program. I have Sherry Anshara as a regular guest speaker with my coaching groups, and I have even created a “special package” for my clients to work with Sherry Anshara and me, together.

There is nothing “feel good” or “motivational” about working through the process of our “trauma dramas.” It is deep work and releases that usually trigger unpleasant emotions. It is not fast, fun, or easy, but it is quick (compared to traditional therapy) and it is worth it. It is a journey within. In the nine months since I have met Sherry Anshara and began working on “myself,” I have given birth to my perfect child within and to a whole and new ME. This is priceless.

The setup stories commemorate year one of developing the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!” to educate about QPEM and the film “Not Just Another Bleeped Up Love Story” that entertains and enlightens with a story based on the truth.

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