Setup Stories — Once and Done… Over and Over and Over Again for Keith

Setup Stories — Once and Done… Over and Over and Over Again for Keith

I was introduced to Sherry Anshara and QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness by Traci Bogan. Before I go into the details of that introduction, I desire to give a little backstory about myself and my relationship with Traci.  When I got married for the second time neither my wife or I required a large wedding so we agreed to go to Hawaii with my soon-to-be stepdaughter and have a small ceremony with my Hawaiian friends including one of my best friends from high school, Ross. He had moved to Hawaii about 10 years prior. Ross bought a “date” to the wedding who I had never met, thus I was introduced to Traci Bogan.

My wife and I were married on the beach in Waikiki and had a reception on the veranda at the Moana SurfRider Hotel—the first Hotel on Waikiki—with about 20 guests.  For our honeymoon, we stayed in Waikiki and then spent time on Molokai with my recent friend Dr. Johnie. Ross and Traci joined us for a few days at Dr. Johnie’s Estate. I never would’ve guessed at the time that Traci, Dr. John and I  would become not just friends but ‘family’ for what has now been over 25 years. My friendship with Traci grew over the years. We also became travel companions, having fantastic experiences together. From sailing thru the Greek Isles to Canal trips through France, to  being able to touch a gray whale in San Ignacio lagoon in Mexico’s Baja Sir, to Alaskan and European Cruises.

I discovered that Traci is an extremely committed and hard-working individual. She is dedicated to making a difference in other people’s lives as well as discovering herself. She is constantly searching to improve herself by connecting with many spiritual and inspirational icons. Always looking to take another class, to enroll in another seminar, read another book or write another book, experience another perspective. She truly is a lifelong learner and seeker.

Traci is also a person determined to have a positive impact on not just her own life but on others’ whether adopting a school in China on her world tour or spearheading legislation that increased the statue of limitations for sex crimes against children. Once Traci commits to something she is bound and determined, and follows through to completion. The same is true of her personal growth and development.

That being said it’s no surprise that over the years I have been contacted by her and involved in various ways with Traci’s business endeavors, personal growth and outreach efforts. So, enter Sherry Anshara and the QuantumPathic Energy Method (QPEM).

Traci told me of her encounter with Sherry Anshara which led her to take one of the QPEM workshops. Traci summed it up by saying “Keith you know me and all the things that I’ve been involved with: classes, seminars, workshops, professionals, practices, etc., that I’ve done over the past my adult life. You know how many of them were very useful and helpful. But, I got more out of a three day seminar with Sherry that all of those combined. You have to do this!”

This certainly wasn’t the first time I was enrolled in something Traci had discovered. So, based on our relationship, I called Sherry Anshara and did a few individual phone sessions then signed up for a three day workshop.

I had recently been disappointed with the ending of a seven-year relationship , so saw this as a possibility to navigate through the transition, move forward and be done. I told Traci I would do this, and I wanted to be clear this was definitely a one time thing. “One and done for me.” I lived on the other side of the country and had a busy life of my own. I didn’t want to get involved in something that would distract me from my current life! On Thanksgiving day I flew out to Scottsdale to participate in the the QPEM three day workshop—Healing Your Core. One and done quickly went out the window as I signed up for another three day seminar—Head to Heart, where I also meet Dana Jones!

keithfrost-with-olivia-qpemTraci and Sherry Anshara shared with me their intentions to make a movie bringing forth QPEM to the world. Seeing the effects that it had in my life, I knew I desired and required to get involved with bringing this forward and assisting others to remove whatever blocks they have to discovering their own heartness. I was invited to meet with the core four originators of the QPEM movie projects, so I delayed my flight back and met with William Caple III, the documentary director/producer and Traci Bogan, Dana Jones, and Sherry Anshara. From that point on I have been a part of the team and assisting in the project for fundraising efforts, participating in weekly conference calls and repeated trips back as required.

As a final note, working with children has always been a calling for me. My most recent trip to Scottsdale this summer to assist at QP for a week resulted in extending my stay—which has become a pattern—and staying for another seminar which was attended by a mother and her 11-year-old daughter, Olivia. The transformation for Olivia, who had suffered a dramatic brain injury that adversely affected her for four years, was truly remarkable. Not only were immediate results clearly visible for Olivia, but the adults in the room were clearly learning from our new teacher, an 11-year-old girl.

In addition to my intentions of bringing forth the documentary project, Sherry Anshara and I are aligned to start a school to bring this work forward to teach—as we call them—“the new kids on the block.” They truly are the future and I am truly inspired at the thought of being able to assist them!

The setup stories commemorate year one of developing the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!” to educate about QPEM and the film “Not Just Another Bleeped Up Love Story” that entertains and enlightens with a story based on the truth.

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Setup Stories — Will’s Quantum Path

Setup Stories — Will’s Quantum Path

The ceilings were low and the music was loud in this particularly dark dive bar on the edge of Old Town Scottsdale. I’d never been to this particular bar before, and would probably not ever find myself here again. A crew member and I were setting up for a typical two hour recording of a local band. This day was stand-out unique because it was the Fourth of July concert celebration at the bar, even though the Fourth was a couple of days off.

I was busy setting up the light to shine on the lead singer when a woman approached and asked if I was a camera man. Reluctantly, I said  “Yes.” Why? Because I was certainly operating a camera and I have had that title applied to me many a time before. But I was much, much more. I had been running cameras for the better part of 15 years, but was more accurately a Producer and Director, not to mention the owner of my own production company for the last ten years. After I relayed this to the woman, she was ecstatic.

So I met Ms. Traci Bogan. She was a happy, enthusiastic type with a warmth you get from most people. She was smiling ear to ear, and looked at me as if I was a Godsend. She said, “Oh my God, you’re a producer!?” And without a breath, she continued, “You have to meet my friend. She’ll be here any minute.”

Enter, stage North, Ms. Sherry Anshara. She walked in with the presence of a sage, but the look on her face said, ‘Where the hell am I?!’ I’m almost certain she was thinking that. Traci called her over. Immediately, Traci explained this serendipitous moment, and exclaimed, “I found our producer!”

I agreed to meet with them over the phone in the future, we kicked off the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up” … and the rest is history.

William H. Caple III, Chandler, AZ 2016







The setup stories commemorate year one of developing the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!” to educate about QPEM and the film “Not Just Another Bleeped Up Love Story” that entertains and enlightens with a story based on the truth.


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