Setup Stories — Dana Jones at the Right Place in the Wrong Line for A Free Cup of Coffee

Setup Stories — Dana Jones at the Right Place in the Wrong Line for A Free Cup of Coffee

The universe and the multiverse gives you signs, invite you to feel your way.  By following that impulse, you can change the entire course of your life. Pay attention to how you feel about things, practice listening to your intuition, notice coincidences. It’s often more clear in hindsight. Here is how we were set up for this effort.

A Mysterious Letter
A strange, long, typed letter from a mysterious man named Mark Hamilton arrived on my fiancé’s desk a couple weeks after our first vacation together with all four of our children. It was 2008. Gene and I had just returned from a magical, over-the-top, Fourth of July holiday with our soon-to-be-blended family at The Cove Resort in Atlantis, Bahamas. We lounged and enjoyed soaking up sunshine at the extravagant, adult-only pool; and we talked at length about our future, our dreams, and the lifestyle we would like to create for our new family.

The letter offered an opportunity to buy a special book that would teach us secrets to unlimited wealth building. We supposedly had been handpicked as part of an elite group of individuals who qualified to receive this special offer. It was so personal and spoke of everything we had openly discussed at the resort—we thought someone must have overheard our conversation. The book was called “Neo-Tech”. Little did we know that this letter would set off a chain of events that would lead us down an unexpected path of growth, learning and, eventually, to a completely different understanding of the term NEO; plus participation in a world-changing film project.

The Wrong Coffee Line 
Almost exactly a year later, my husband, Gene, and I found ourselves in Chicago attending a meeting of The Global Information Network (GIN). We had been invited to join this special club, again by Mr. Hamilton, to further expand our understanding of the secrets of the ultra rich.

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable about being at this seminar. We knew so little about the organization and had completely trusted a stranger to involve us. Yet it felt so correct for Gene and me to be there. We both believed in and trusted in our intuition. It was a strong bond in our relationship.

However, I had never experienced this type of organization before and felt a bit undeserving. I still felt some of the sting of years back in 2001 when I was a single mom, struggling! I had experienced homelessness, despair and shame, working every which way to make ends meet for my family! But I triumphantly climbed out of my hellhole and learned some of life’s greatest lessons. I was always open to learning more despite the fear as a lifetime seeker of growth and understanding. I knew first hand that every experience happens for a reason.

Walking a couple blocks to the host hotel for the opening session, I had not had a chance to grab a cup of coffee. However the line was extremely long so I told my husband I would slip back to our hotel and grab a cup there. It would probably be a lot faster than waiting in this long line. Plus, I had a free coupon.

Arriving back at our hotel, I was disappointed to see there was a long line there too. ‘Oh Well,’ I thought, and stepped into position in what I thought was where one lined up for the free java.

A nice lady with a back pack and a contagious, big-dimpled smile was standing awkwardly in line next to me. She introduced herself as Traci Bogan. She was equally frustrated about the long line, and, like me, willing to endure it due to the coupon for free wake up juice!

For the next 20 minutes or so I found myself sharing with Traci very intimate details about my past—trials and tribulations I had overcome in my life. This path had led me to meet the man of my dreams a couple of years ago, and joining this organization was an opportunity to make all of our dreams come true!

Traci, ironically, did the same; sharing her most intimate past details and what led her to join GIN. We both admitted that we rarely opened up to a total stranger about these types of things, but had felt a unique and special familiarity—a kinship, as if we had known each other our whole lives.

We reached the front of our line to collect our free cup of coffee only to discover we were in the wrong line! We laughed, hugged, and expressed how much we had enjoyed the wrong coffee line together. After exchanging emails, we said our farewells and hurriedly dissolved into the thousands of attendees to grab our seats at the seminar. We soon discovered that was not “the wrong line” after all.

Break for Lunch 
The morning session ended. Gene leaned over, grabbed my hand and said “Lets walk back down past our hotel to a restaurant, I believe I saw a Morton’s Steak House,” which was a bit further away, “to beat the crowd.” I said, “Great idea.”

setup-DANAnGENE.IMG_8178We were one of the first to arrive and as I excused my self to freshen up in the restroom. Gene said he would get a table. When I returned, the restaurant was flooded with people. Gene stood facing the entrance, and at 6 feet 5 inches tall, he was easy to spot through the crowd! I sat down, my back facing the entrance.

As the crowds began to pour in to the restaurant it was obvious a lot of customers were going to have to wait quite a while for lunch. We had two extra seats at our table. As I turned to look at the huge crowd of people behind me, who do I see but Traci standing at the bar looking for a place to sit down. “Oh my gosh, honey!” I said to Gene. “There is the girl I told you about this morning; the one I met in the coffee line!” I exclaimed. What a coincidence! I suggested, “why don’t we invite her to sit with us.” I turned back to get her attention and called out her name, motioning her over to our table. Traci blushed with a surprised, almost embarrassed look as she approached us.

What were the odds of running into someone out of thousands of people at a seminar, at the same restaurant out of so many to choose from, blocks away from the host hotel! I knew when I first met her we “could” become great friends if we followed up with an email. However the possibility also existed for our best intentions to get thwarted by the busy-ness of life, in addition to the fact that she lived in Wisconsin and we lived in Florida.

After a wonderful lunch together, Traci offered us a ‘true confession’. She had been watching my tall good-looking husband over the sea of seminar attendees through out the morning. She had been so attracted to his stature, style, and confident poise—and she wondered if he was possibly available. When she saw him in the restaurant she mistook his waving me over as a gesture inviting her over to his table. Then she noticed me as I looked over my shoulder to scope out the room. Like it says in the Alanis Morissette song Ironic: “It’s meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife.” In this case we had already met of course and couldn’t believe the irony, humor, and her embarrassment of the entire experience. We laughed and enjoyed the law of attraction at work!

From this moment forward, the weekend encounter in Chicago set up a life long friendship. Over the next seven years we continued to keep in touch, calling periodically, and always picking up from where we had left off as if little time had past since our last conversation.

A Quantum Weekend
In June of 2015, I had been in a big slump and was really requiring a talk with a girlfriend. I have two go-to friends with whom I can share anything. One of them I was unable to reach due to her struggles with a challenging disease and I didn’t desire to add to her burden. The other was Traci, however I hesitated for weeks knowing how busy she was, and I hadn’t talked to her in a while. The last thing I desired to be was a Debbie Downer. I was usually the ultimate of positive and able to recover from any set back. I was the girl that could make lemonade out of any type of sour fruit dished to me.

This time, I was struggling to climb out of the hole I had dug for my self. As synchro-destiny would have it, Traci called me out of the blue! I told her I had been thinking about calling for her.

I shared my woes and she told me to use my “trust ball.” Traci recommended that I attend a workshop. She insisted that I commit to a weekend event experiencing the Quantumpathic Energy Method developed by an amazing lady named Sherry Anshara. It was less than a month away. So I made it happen.

The weekend was amazing. I had been on a journey most of my life to find the answers to so many of life’s puzzling questions. Sherry Anshara’s method completed the picture. For the first time all the pieces to the puzzle came together and I saw the big picture! Anything truly is possible!

The day after I returned home I couldn’t get the weekend out of my mind. My first thought was that everyone in the world should know this information. However it would take forever if Sherry Anshara continued to just share it over a weekend at her QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness in Scottsdale, Arizona. I asked the question; “What would be the fastest way to share this knowledge?”

Then an Idea came to me. I immediately called Traci and told her we should make a documentary about Sherry Anshara and the QuantumPathic Energy Method. She asked me how to do that and I laughingly replied; “I have no idea! But if it’s meant to be everything will fall into place piece by piece. Maybe we should start by looking for someone who knows how to make a movie; like a producer.”

Two days later I got a call from Traci. She had just spent the evening with Sherry Anshara at a bar she would never visit, and, who sits down next to her but a documentary producer who is interested in our movie idea! William Caple III steps up for the project.

Three weeks later, on July 22nd 2015, Will, Sherry, Traci and I, “The Core Four” as we call ourselves, had our first conference call to begin the QuantumPathic Consciousness Project and share the knowledge of the QuantumPathic Energy Method (QPEM) in an effort to change the world! Seven months later we would find two other key partners. One ironically shares the same birthday as our first conference call date…and then again, maybe not so ironic. And, so, our journey continues to expand….

The setup stories commemorate year one of developing the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!” to educate about QPEM and the film “Not Just Another Bleeped Up Love Story” that entertains and enlightens with a story based on the truth.

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Set-up Stories: Finding QPEM — Traci Bogan Part I

Set-up Stories: Finding QPEM — Traci Bogan Part I

Two years ago I was sitting in my office in Wisconsin. It was a chilly October morning. I had my feet on my desk and was looking at my Dream Can. It’s a product I created and sell at my motivational speaking events, workshops, and seminars. Inside of this Dream Can I have about 700 cards on which I hand-wrote everything I desire to be, do, share, and experience in my lifetime. Every couple of months when I feel so inclined, I reach in my hand and randomly draw out a card.

That day I pulled the card that said, “Go winter somewhere warm for 90 days.” On the back were five choices from Arizona to Florida to Costa Rica. I closed my eyes and went, “eeny meeny miny moe.” My finger landed on Arizona. Fourteen days later, I got on an airplane with no business contacts, connections, or resources, hardly knowing anyone. It was a fun, self-imposed challenge to see what I would and could create for my life and for my business.

My dream was to winter someplace warm and run my speaking and coaching business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and a cell phone. This was a sure-fire test to prove that my coaching program worked because I was living the adventure and achieving the results live in front of my social media audience. I traveled to Arizona with that one desire but ended up with a whole new discovery and awareness.

As part of my adventure, I attended an introductory lecture by Sherry Anshara about QuantumPathic® Energy Method (QPEM). After only 11 minutes, I had the single most profound release and breakthrough I’ve ever experienced around the issues of being sexually abused as a child. That 11 minutes was worth more than all the tens of thousands of dollars I’d spent for a decade on therapy and every kind of anti-depressant, A-Z. And this was at a free introductory lecture! I’d heard about it only 24 hours earlier from someone I’d just met at a networking event, and I felt drawn to go.

I walked in and sat in the front row. Without even a hello, Sherry Anshara walked up to me and said, “You have Hashimoto’s disease.” True. I did have the autoimmune disorder. But how did she know at first glance, I wondered? “I can see it in your neck,” she said. “Would you like to know why you created that for yourself?”

Seriously?!? I thought to myself. I was puzzled. She said I was sexually abused as a child and didn’t have a voice to speak my truth, thereby creating Hashimoto’s disease, TMJ, and chronic back pain. She stated, “Every ache and pain is your body attempting to talk to you. Pay attention! Every illness is your body attempting to communicate with you. Most of the time we just don’t listen. We cover up with bandaids and medicate ourselves to death. Now, are you ready to release this Traci?”

Yes, I was ready! She was right. I was sexually abused as a child from 5 until 14. I had what seemed like a lifetime of keeping that silence inside me. It was my dirty little secret. I always felt inadequate and I used to pray at bedtime every night for God to make me “normal.”

I now feel that my energy drew me to Arizona just to experience QPEM. In such a short time, I released something I didn’t consciously know was still frustrating me and holding me back from playing bigger. After all, another decade had passed, and by all accounts, I was living my dream life. I had backpacked around the world, written a few books, had a winter and a summer condo, vacationed 100 days a year, and was running a successful speaking and coaching business for entrepreneurs. I had come a long way from the factory job I started with during my turmoil; and I was proud of all my achievements. The only thing missing was a loving and committed relationship, the lack of which I blamed on my busy life-on-the-move lifestyle. I was “good” and things were “good.”

And then I found QPEM—or it found me! I discovered a whole new set of tools, a whole new practical application for connecting with my body, and a whole new method of releasing and cleansing that I didn’t even know I required, and I got clear on why my relationships weren’t working and what was holding me back from really achieving my own boldest goals and most daring dreams. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And then I did.

I’ve had such incredible transformation and expansion in my life since implementing the tools and applications I learned through QPEM that I have referred more than 100 family, friends, and clients to the workshops and one on one sessions with Sherry Anshara. Several of my friends have gotten on airplanes from all corners of the country to experience the workshop, site unseen, with few questions asked, based only on my ‘word’ that this was genuine, real, and worth it.

My results are so significant, I also have incorporated some of the QPEM tools and applications inside of my coaching program. I have Sherry Anshara as a regular guest speaker with my coaching groups, and I have even created a “special package” for my clients to work with Sherry Anshara and me, together.

There is nothing “feel good” or “motivational” about working through the process of our “trauma dramas.” It is deep work and releases that usually trigger unpleasant emotions. It is not fast, fun, or easy, but it is quick (compared to traditional therapy) and it is worth it. It is a journey within. In the nine months since I have met Sherry Anshara and began working on “myself,” I have given birth to my perfect child within and to a whole and new ME. This is priceless.

The setup stories commemorate year one of developing the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!” to educate about QPEM and the film “Not Just Another Bleeped Up Love Story” that entertains and enlightens with a story based on the truth.

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Sherry Anshara Pilots Her First Flight In Filmmaking

Sherry Anshara Pilots Her First Flight In Filmmaking

Most people begin in the past, but I am beginning in the moment. Completely.

I recognize and acknowledge that I absolutely create all the experiences in my life. Although in the past times, I only had an inkling that it was me. I was not fully conscious—or fully responsible—that this journey on which I was traveling had a scriptwriter. Without doubt it is me!

“In this moment I acknowledge how incredibly talented I am!” I say amazingly, without bragging, from my Childish Adult Ego’s opinion.

Today I speak from my Self, through my Self and about my Self from the inside out, consciously. I see clearly the purposes of my “script,” the people who came into my “play” along the way, and how I interacted with every one. Some came in, some stayed, some left, some came back, and some, I never saw again. Yet I recognize their purposes—as well as my own—as we evolved or didn’t through our experiences together.

I recognize the perfect interactions between us without any judgment. The most profound is recognition of the set-ups that brought us together, individually and collectively.

One of my major set ups is my “showing up” at the Javitz Center for a trade show in May of 1991. There I ran into a never friend from high school, who invited me to Old Lyme, CT for a momentus Memorial Weekend. How clever… a memorial to me.

Without all of the details, I ended up in the Connecticut River, 15 feet under water in a drunk stranger’s car. I had been attempting to assist her with moving her car. In a split second I was catapulted 40 feet into the air over a harbor filled with yachts in Old Saybrook, CT.

My flight out of this world was from the parking lot of the Dock & Dine restaurant (I call it the Dock & Die). Though it appeared as an ending for me, it became the beginning of my beginning from which I share this.

With assistance from the Multi-verse I rose from the idea of death to an exceptional life with amazing challenges, from loss of everything to the gain of everything. With my neck broken in two places, my brain out of place in my cranium, and what appeared to be the beginning of a screwed up life, I began a progressive process of extraordinary experiences for me, from the inside out!

Of course my brain slid out of place! So I could be the proof as I created and developed the QuantumPathic® Energy Method from my heart and heartness! QPEM guides you to the origination core of trauma, drama, illness, depression or whatever is the label assigned to that something wrong with us.

Arriving in Arizona in 1997 with my last $50.00 turned out to be the best investment of my life. All the experiences that occurred from that fabulous moment of death in 1991 to all my new beginnings showed me all the intelligent and wondrous cellular memories my body has held. There they were, waiting for me to access my inner guidance, my truth, and my incredible fortitude to beat the “odds” of death.

So every day is a new moment, a new beginning and an experience of newness. Through my experiences of sharing the QuantumPathic® Energy Method, thousands of my clients, and friends, too, have become “well” although it is a continuing continuous continuum of progressive processes for all of us—including me—every day.

So grateful am I for each individual who showed up in my script at the QuantumPathic® Center of Consciousness. As we “remember” our contracts together—to be a significant player with their expertise, their essence, and their commitment from heartness—we share with the world our co-projects.

Through our journey of new beginnings each and every day, the making of this documentary and the trilogy of films is intended to free people who are willing to free themselves from Duality in order to have the quality of life they are meant to have, to love themselves unconditionally, and to participate in relationships that are deep and connected without the trauma/dramas and turmoil of duality.

With heartness, I welcome you to experience this journey with me.

Sherry Anshara

The setup stories commemorate year one of developing the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!” to educate about QPEM and the film “Not Just Another Bleeped Up Love Story” that entertains and enlightens with a story based on the truth.

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Rolling! So the Journey Begins…

Rolling! So the Journey Begins…

SUNDAY. 15 MAY 2016

On the way home. Good thing about getting in so late in New York is there’s not much traffic—nothing like LA!

onSET-GOWhat a great day today! It was fantastic to see Producer/Director, Will Caple III, in his element doing his thing filming for the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!?” And big thanks to the cameraman, Austin Rood. He made us all pretend we actually liked each other, got smiles out of us for photos!

Talk about a road trip. This has to get top ratings! It began with my weekend whirlwind tour. I had done a lot of traveling and was in an East Coast—West Coast relationship for six years, so I was used to flying back-and-forth and rendezvousing at various cities across the country and world.

But flying into Phoenix Thursday night, driving to LA Friday, having dinner Friday night at Upstairs 2 with Casting Director, Craig Campobasso (who may work with us on the documentary and on the film trilogy), enjoying fantastic accommodations at our hotel in Beverly Hills, receiving positive heartful glow from everyone we met!

Then, we woke to a great breakfast Saturday morning with Matt Corboy and his son, Finn. The memorial event for Dan Ireland was amazing, and after, the celebration at Nirvana took it to another level. Sherry Anshara, Traci Bogan, and I had a fate filled meeting with Kate Kreiger and Renée Zellweger.

On the road trip back to Scottsdale, we were escorted by our peeps! Then we enjoyed another great dinner with lovely Maria Byers. I slept soundly another night in the healing room. Woke up to the best oatmeal in the world, hand-made by Sherry.

Doctors Al Swimmer and Anup Kanodia, Documentary Producer/Director, Will Caple III, Writer, Tamara Parisio, arrive for the documentary shoot —“Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!?”. We break for a short, but fantastic lunch with all, and then redeye home. As I depart, I turn to ask Sherry Anshara “what are we doing next weekend?” Going for a hike,playing in the garden and mowing the lawn just doesn’t seem as appealing as it used to!

withCRAIGCamposso with CraigCampobasso ireland-with matt corboy danIRELAND rolling

Thankful to all for your commitment and intentions to bring QP forward for the planet.

Love ya, Keith

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