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Rolling! So the Journey Begins…

Rolling! So the Journey Begins…

SUNDAY. 15 MAY 2016

On the way home. Good thing about getting in so late in New York is there’s not much traffic—nothing like LA!

onSET-GOWhat a great day today! It was fantastic to see Producer/Director, Will Caple III, in his element doing his thing filming for the documentary “Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!?” And big thanks to the cameraman, Austin Rood. He made us all pretend we actually liked each other, got smiles out of us for photos!

Talk about a road trip. This has to get top ratings! It began with my weekend whirlwind tour. I had done a lot of traveling and was in an East Coast—West Coast relationship for six years, so I was used to flying back-and-forth and rendezvousing at various cities across the country and world.

But flying into Phoenix Thursday night, driving to LA Friday, having dinner Friday night at Upstairs 2 with Casting Director, Craig Campobasso (who may work with us on the documentary and on the film trilogy), enjoying fantastic accommodations at our hotel in Beverly Hills, receiving positive heartful glow from everyone we met!

Then, we woke to a great breakfast Saturday morning with Matt Corboy and his son, Finn. The memorial event for Dan Ireland was amazing, and after, the celebration at Nirvana took it to another level. Sherry Anshara, Traci Bogan, and I had a fate filled meeting with Kate Kreiger and Renée Zellweger.

On the road trip back to Scottsdale, we were escorted by our peeps! Then we enjoyed another great dinner with lovely Maria Byers. I slept soundly another night in the healing room. Woke up to the best oatmeal in the world, hand-made by Sherry.

Doctors Al Swimmer and Anup Kanodia, Documentary Producer/Director, Will Caple III, Writer, Tamara Parisio, arrive for the documentary shoot —“Why Are We Still So Bleeped Up?!?”. We break for a short, but fantastic lunch with all, and then redeye home. As I depart, I turn to ask Sherry Anshara “what are we doing next weekend?” Going for a hike,playing in the garden and mowing the lawn just doesn’t seem as appealing as it used to!

withCRAIGCamposso with CraigCampobasso ireland-with matt corboy danIRELAND rolling

Thankful to all for your commitment and intentions to bring QP forward for the planet.

Love ya, Keith

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Reading the Screenplay for the Producers

Reading the Screenplay for the Producers

screenplay2Fun to read through script one today!” —Tamara

Tamara Parisio, our scriptwriter, read through the script today with Producers Dana Jones, Sherry Anshara, and Traci Bogan. This is first in a trilogy of films based on the truth and presents the QuantumPathic® Energy Method in day-to-day life.

This movie is a gift in the making—beyond exciting! To free people from limited belief systems and duality, based on practical quantum physics for every day life, this script rocks! And it is so entertaining.

Thank you all for the encouragement. Looking forward to unveiling scripts two and three in this trilogy—but first, we shall change the world with this one!” — with Heartness, Tamara


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